The Academy of Vocal Arts


Classes suited for training performers and business professionals led by our trained voice coaches Arlene Fleming and speech and language therapist Katy Salt. Gaining confidence for the individual for public speaking, presentation and performing. Working on resonance, articulation, intonation and power. Our Public Speaking course is aimed at those who are learning or need to brush up on presenting to audiences of more than 20 people or to hundreds. We also offer classes for speakers learning to address smaller audiences. Delegates will work with professionals on how to use tools to project with confidence, dealing with nerves and anxiety and conveying a strong persona. This course is ideal for finding the inner performer. Our trained actors and voice coaches are equipped with wonderful knowledge to help master an excellent enjoyable Public spoken performance. TEAM BUILDING Ava offers excellent team building projects and are tailored to the companies needs. We offer excellent day workshops. Show in a day Dance Workshop Singing Day We can help find the correct venue for your needs. These activities are excellent to bringing employees together and have been proven to help departments in sales and marketing. Ava offer professionally trained role play actors and facilitators to deliver different outlines that are suited to your company. The workshop will be delivered by one of our experienced tutors who are equipped to dealing with communication in business. The leader will facilitate the role play session and the actors will play various roles as required. Our Workshop leader will guide and give valuable tricks to improve and help the participant’s skills. Role play is an excellent training method to enhance businesses communication skills when under pressure in a fun environment. The workshop will be tailored to meet the companies needs and will be structured weeks in advance. There are many different reasons for using our training. Your company might be wanting to improve communication on a selling front or ways to conduct for managing difficult scenarios. The session will give useful experiences to "Live" business problems.